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Tips of saw blade cutting for tiles

The texture of tiles is similar to natural stones, plus tile's surface is not easy to absorb stains, gradually it is widely used in home decoration. Tile surface is unlike natural stone which is rough and uneven, so cleaning tiles is very simple, just wipe it with water.

When cutting tiles, firstly you should locate, crossed, and finally cut. When locating, be sure the line is continuous from beginning to end. Under normal circumstances, a very small force is enough for holding the handle. Then you could gently push the blade to draw a cutting line in the tile surface.

Alpha diamond saw blade is very sharp, and our technological advancements make it cut very fast as well as extend the life of cutting tools. We try to reduce the cutting wear rate, and cut the sharply and smoothly. Cutting with Alpha tile cutting saw blade, please wear a safety shield and cut as directed by correct operation. Any abnormalities, please stop cutting work promptly. When the blade is not used, it should be hung vertically. When placed horizontally, do not place any heavy objects on it.
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