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Q: Why we could not find any price indication in your website?

A: As so many products with different specification & different requirements, it is impossible and unnecessary for us to put all products’ prices on the website. We always make the offer according to customers specific requirement.

Q: What is the delivery way?

A: Urgent order with small size and weight, better choose DHL/FedEx/UPS/EMS etc. express courier service. Regular order with weight over 45kgs but less than 100kgs, we recommend air cargo. Goods with big dimension or heavy weight we recommend Sea Cargo. We give the advise according to actual situation and the customers make the decision.

Q: What is your acceptable payment terms?

A: T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), Cash, Western Union, PayPal etc. (you could connect your Visa or MasterCard to Paypal)

Q: How could I know the quality, if I want to order your products?

A: Please just test it with a very small trial order, then you will know the quality clearly. At present, so many people in the world like to use Chinese products, because of good quality with very competitive prices. We are one of the most professional manufactures in the field of diamond tools over 7 years.

Q:  What can we do if the products from you do not run well?

A:  Give us information and details.

Jingkaili team analyze the reason.

Try to find the solution.

We will make replacement if because of our quality problems.



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