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What Makes Grinding Tools Work Faster and Longer

Diamond grinding is a mature technology, and there are effective ways a manufacturer can alter the performance of their grinding wheels. Diamond grit size and bond choices are the primary factors that determine a wheel's performance.

  • Diamond grits are the grinding agents. Naturally the bigger and higher-grade they are, the more aggressively the wheel will grind.
    • The common grit size for concrete wheel is #30/40.
    • More aggressive grinding wheels will sometimes use #20/25 diamond grits.

  • Bonding is the material that holds the diamond grits together. An optimized bonding formula should accomplish two things:
    • Holds the diamond grits firmly to increase grinding lifespan.
    • When the grits do grind away, it should expose the next layer of grits quickly.

Grit Size

  • A #20/25 wheel grinds about 30-40% faster compare to a #30/40 wheel. (on concrete, with same bond)
  • However, the lifespan is reduced by about 10%-15%


  • For concrete under 4000 psi, the difference between a low cost bonding and a high end bonding isn't significant.
  • For concrete over 4000 psi however, using an optimized bonding grinds 20-40% faster, and increases lifetime by 50-80%. They also feel a lot smoother during use.

With consideration to labor cost, the performance and lifetime you get with better grit and bonding will be well worth its higher cost.



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