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The right choice of diamond dry polishing pads in the market

Everyone has encountered a problem when buying diamond dry pads. They do not know how to pick them up. This has led to various problems. How can one choose diamond dry polishing pads better? The following gives you a detailed introduction.
1. The color of the cut surface can be observed. Under normal circumstances, the color of the cut head should be silver-white, and it also has the natural color of iron. If it is a bad blade, it will contain more impurities, so it will look like The comparison is dark and has no gloss.
2. We can observe how much particles on the diamond dry grinding disc. If it is a poor quality diamond dry dry pad, the cost will be relatively low. Because it will mainly reduce the grinding content to reduce the cost. With these pads, not only does it not work properly, but the consumption of diamond dry grinding discs are also very fast.
3. The feeling of the entire cutting: if it is a high-quality pad, in the entire cutting process it will be more smooth. Otherwise, the polishing speed will be faster, leading to the pads wear is more serious.
4. Because inferior diamond dry grinding discs are selected with diamond, the biggest difference between diamond and silicon carbide is that the wear resistance of the whole abrasive is different.



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