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4" Aluminium Backer Pad Rigid Holder with Brass Arbor

  • Item No.:PH-S4
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Thread: Snail Lock + M14, 5/8”-11
  • Application: Adapt polishing pads to angle grinder and air polisher with velcro system
  • Product description: Snail lock adapter is made out of die cast aluminum and rubber. Utilizing the M14, 5/8"-11 threaded adapter , snail lock pads can easily attach to edge polishing machinery.

-Used for flat areas and straight edges;

-Used on polishers and grinders with M14, 5/8-11 threaded spindles;
-Fit snail lock diamond polishing pads;
-The "twist and lock" design saves time and increases productivity.

-The pads simply fit into place and lock on with a twisting motion. To remove the pads simply untwist and remove, then replace with the next grit.

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